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Subject: I wrote this poem and I want to share it with you

My job is to deliver America’s future to school,
But to do that safely, you must understand some rules.
These children are our future
I must deliver them safe and sound.
So please show me a little respect,
When I’m driving my bus thru town.
If I need to change lanes, don’t rush up beside me.
If my stop sign is out, Don’t rush right by me.
Do you know how frustrated I get every day when I get to the school and your car is in my way?
If the sign says “BUSES ONLY”, don’t drive your car thru that street.
If the caution lights are flashing, Thats a school zone. Please don’t speed.
Could you live with yourself if a child got hurt,
Because you ran my stop sign,Because you were late for work?
Could you look those childrens parents in their eyes and explain why getting to work on time was more important than their childrens lives?
We can avoid such tragedies if we could find a way to work together.
Your consideration and understanding will keep our children safe forever.

Written by: Robin Gail Middleton
Bus 7 Glynn Co. Schools
Bruswick, Georgia



Posted in Uncategorized on March 14, 2008 by tutalou


Is this why bus drivers are duck taping their kids?